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M FOUNDATION is an indiependent research center, expression of the current which interprets knowledge as light into the sphere of being. Open knowledge and give diffusion to light is the movement of freedom. In our time, this way to interpret life and knowledge is the open source mentality: opposite to oscurantist propaganda of the establishment which is inflating the meaning of each word of freedom, share light is to share information and developing a social consciousness able to observe in a critic way the form of economy, law, politic, culture and art. The internet synchronicity, the anthropological path to music and theatre, all the forms of sharing values and thoughts and experiences are transforming the way to feel the internal dimension of collective unconscious giving new meanings to our social intelligence.

In open source mentality, Enlightenment is perceived not as special privilege of predestinated, but as goal for each man and for each woman, as something that, in the right condition, each person can join.

The M Foundation

The aim of M FOUNDATION– with its publications (books and reviews) – is to contribute to the creation of the conditions for a new and more large and deep collective awareness which make possible life on earth as occasion for everybody to grow, progress and rise in material, psychological and spiritual path. This has no difference in comparison to the great ideal inside the name Europa. The magic is to draw on the way of Humanism and RenaissanceIn hoc Signo – setting up the peace symbol, and love, and freedom.  The  Magic is positive education of the will by science and technology.  Technological Enlightenment, Connectivism, Open Source are expressions which give the present time’s character of this thought marking it as responsible freedom, awareness, emancipation.


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