51z1z1-tnflA reconstruction can’t be the original. Especially in this matter, it’s proper to think there are not original. Instead, here we are in presence of several different originals, making a net.
These different originals are not of the same degree, not homogeneous, nevertheless they are focused on the same argument, and all tell something about a garden.
There is no doubt that, in our culture, when we hear about a myth that tell a story of a garden, immediately we think to the book of Genesis, the first account among the texts that compose the Bible and, on the average, we are sure we are indicating the most ancient source for the stories of the archaic past.
Nevertheless, the progress in archaeology show to us that things are quite different: the discovers in this field demonstrate that Hebrew tradition clearly depends from more ancient legends of Babylon and Egypt.
Societas Mazzini give us an extraordinary and enlightening interpretation of a such early source for our thought. This is not just an exercise, because it demonstrates that there is a lot of work to better understand our memory as hold by tradition, and that some mistakes should be discovered and amended.