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EOΣ – Europae Open Sphere – An idea of Social Entrepreneurship

EOΣ is the way The M Foundation is engaged in transforming information (unilateral process) into communication (participative system), exploring social entrepreneurship for an open Europe (see the paper The M Foundation presented at the Cairo’s conference for details on its idea of tourism as initiatory experience).

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The project’s architecture is conceived on four pillars:

• Open Sphere: common roots in history, art and heritage, to be applied to living cultural relationship.

• Virtual Space (internet technologies in open source);

• Housing: the physical location of  THE M FOUNDATION is in Naxos, Sicily, near the sea, where EOΣ owns a building to be restructured, where its Library is lodged (more details in the Italian version of the project – the English one may be requested by email to which is the perfect place were create exchange and relations.  This is also an open project and there is still the way to participate in it.

• Tools:

the Mediterranean Bibliotheque in the disposability of EOΣ (collection of books on Hebraism, Christianism and Islamic roots in their original languages – Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arab – with translation in the main European languages – some of the books of this Library are indicated in this repertory list (the list is not complete and doesn’t include some other important texts);

Magazines and books produced by EOΣ, the audio/video repertory of conferences, seminars, theatrical performances (ethnodramatics and psychodrama techniques, beyond linguistic barriers), as instruments of the relational experience. THE M FOUNDATION as independent publisher owns a number of book which are the expression of its own literature, with the open approach that is the main character of its research about the way to consider the word and the speech as the special vehicle to improve awareness and freedom.

EOΣ is an important idea for Europe: its aim of improving citizen’s awareness through non-institutional channels is a qualified contribution in improving integrated dialogue.

EOΣ thinks open sphere / open source as philosophic and aesthetic idea, exploring the impact on people caused by the opening of the communication systems, a new awareness of reciprocal knowledge for democracy and freedom, both in individual and collective dimension.



The Cairo’s conference

3rd IRT International Scientific Conference

Cairo, Egypt – 24th-26th of October 2009

Abstract Book

The paper presented by MEDITHEATRE:


the European added value of a new way to conceive tourism: travel as experience, experience as system to improve the cultural ownership of a modern, common, shared and experienced idea of Europe

Relation at Helwan University in Cairo - Video
Relation at Helwan University in Cairo
 3rd International Conference on Integrated Relational Tourism

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