The album BLUE ORFEO is something like a theological essay told through by songs. The inner theme concerns the way we are used to think life through old schemes, reflecting if we should believe that is the truth and the real meaning of life, or if we should see something else, that there are too much mistakes that have been transmitted from the past, errors by which we should emancipate. The album starts with TROVIERO, a Troubadouric songs, whose text comes from XI century poet Jaufré Rudel, and continues with GIORDANO BRUNO’S SONG, the perennial symbol of free thought opposed to obscurantism, then BRIDAL BALLAD, a song inspired by an artist (Pippa Bacca) trying to demonstrate trust in human people, hitchhiking a journey to Jerusalem, and dying for her ideal. The following song is LOST FLOWER, an interpretation of the ballad wrote by a romantic revolutionary in exile in XIX century (Giuseppe Mazzini). HADE’S ODE is inspired by the classic image of Orfeo, symbol of the research of spirit even in the underworld of death. END OF ILLUSION, the following song, tells about the utopian approach of a world without borders and universal brotherhood, understanding how far we are from this idea, but without leaving hope. Last song, FATAL FLOWER, is a mystical imagery that starts from the bed of a couple of lovers, becoming an universal reflection on the main archetypes, considering their weakness and the need to build another way way to have access spirituality, a way that is more modern than religion, but even yet oldest and deeper.