Who here plays, he’s not a musician according to the ordinary meaning the music received by the establishment. Here you’ll find nothing but the heart, or a little more. Born in Italy, music’s home, where nature is a gig creeping into the soul harmony with the first song that mothers sing to the cradle of the children, then he has rights, no matter about the studies, without difference to other people who feel it in their heart, to express what the heart dictates, those tunes that are afar off, and that he feels true and not so far felt, too urgent to ensure that the music and the musical drama rise up to new life by the imitation of the circle where the genie s’ wanders in today forced jammed by teachers and traffickers of notes. Masters and traffickers of notes are requested to abstain from listening and comments. It is not for them. Just for the few who feel the mystery in art, the real Adepts.

(from: G. Mazzini, Philosophy of Music , 1833)