Question and answers about a questionable but remarkable ebook

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Q.: What has this book to do with Karaites?

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A.: What Karaites have to do with Exilarchate?
Q.: Nothing with a “Mystical” Exilarchate! Moreover, publishing house The Universal Morning Star is oriented on talmudistic (neoplatonic, gnostic, zoroastrian,…) occultism (Qabalah)! Then, what do you mean by “What [do] Karaites have to do with Exilarchate?”?
A.: If you say this, you should have a different interpretation about Anan ben David and his continuity with Ishak Serenus. With all respect, the history of Caraism is very intertwined with Exilarchate institution
Q.: This book was published by a questionable qabalistic publishing house, also term “Mystical” Exilarchate evokes doubts!
A.: You may easily verify this historical note. Exilarchs were, in main part, opposite to Talmudist. They represent another line. And in this line Karaite princes appeared among the Exilarchs, since Anan ben David inherited this role.
Q.: The purposeis to spread awareness and knowledge of Karaite Judaism. How can you see coherence between this book and that purpose?
A.: Allow me to say that maybe there is something important to say about the intertwined lines of Karaism and Exilarchate. I suppose we should improve our studies. With full respect and regard.
Q.: Serenus was not an Exilarch, but he was born as Syrian Christian! Serenus was hostile to Talmud and to Talmudists, but it does not mean he has something to do with Anan ben David ha-Nasi and karaites.
A.:  Who called Serenus “false Messiah” is, of course, his enemy: it is not by chance that one of them – professor Graetz – wrote on the side of the Jewish society in America. It’s an old story. If you want to look inside a perspective that is not exclusively Jewish, but “lekol Israel”, maybe you should listen also other sources.