Poetry can change our understanding. And sometime you have to recognize that something or someone that the whole world indicated as bad, wicked, and more, instead is a wise, a teacher. Like Nasreddin in the Tasawwuf’s Tradition. He seems to be a fool, but in fact is the only wise in a world of fools. Take for instance everything we listen about Islam in Western world: not a single word is true, everything is melted with prejudice, as each Muslim was a terrorist. Islam is a Faith of Love. Is the continuity with Moses and Jesus doctrine, as Mohammed (PBUH) is the Sigil of the Prophets. And for personal experience I can confirm that Muslim are good people that wants nothing else than living in peace and freedom. The same kind of prejudice is spread upon the doctrine of Thelema, that is presented as something intimately evil. But if you read inside, you will find that is beyond good and evil, because is a doctrine of deep Unity, a mystic vision of something that is beyond the cosmic dimension, going towards the the universal and infinite pure Light. This prejudice has been cultivated because this doctrine talks about our inner freedom and divinity, which are things the establishment’s power doesn’t tolerate. So this poet (a man with many mistakes, that can be considered as a poet and not as a prophet), he has been condemned to the oblivion. But the words he wrote are strong, and they survived. At last, this poet was also a Suphi initiated, being part of the Tariqa Aissawa, in Algeri.

The 14 Keys to the Holy Quran is a poem that aims to inquire the Holy Writings with the Suphi indication about the 14 Suras that begin with some enigmatic letters. What you will find inside… will meet your intelligence and your heart.