100 thousand 2016


An idea that brings the wind of protest, when doing a poetry reading meant not so much to show themselves how to share a state of mind of freedom, of aversion all’establishment who thinks only in terms of economic crisis, oil crisis, imperialist wars, exploitation of resources and all these horrible things that are sadly relevant today.
The challenge was a time of civil and revenge of the common people, important awareness for the last century, but which was buried by new ways of using perfidious propaganda that shook dragging values coerced to stardom and excesses, the way to break the solidarity of the group that had been the detonator of the “psychedelic revolution” of the glorious fifties and sixties. Does anyone remember the word that stood on the walls with respect to drift from the ’70s and ’80s: “After the cold years of lead, let’s enjoy the warmth of these years of shit.” Do anything but naive: the readers of the book of Gioele Magaldi gather in “The crisis of democracy” the relentless geometry of this design and in the books of Huxley and Orwell’s explanation of the methods.
As demonstrated by the new emerging literature and the multiplication of studies on this period, it is not to revive an old fashion with a longing tone (as stated in the official press, which thus presents these events when casually takes care of it), but to strive for resume the struggle for the rights.
We speak clearly of a non-violent struggle, a struggle for emancipation from subordination, for the extension of human rights, for the protection of the welfare state, to expose all forms of conditioning and therefore feel so close and congruent with the sensitivity Movement Roosevelt.
For these reasons we announce the global initiative animated by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, which you will see in greater detail through the http://100tpc.org/ site. Join means coming into contact with an action that takes place on the same day hundreds of places on earth (ah! The readings to Allen Ginzberg, with active and recitation of mantra meditation!), With its own forms in each place but with a common feel that it is given by the intention to offer shares, gestures and words to the unconditional freedom and the supreme and sublime liberation of all beings in any place in space and time.
Membership is free and costs nothing. Here you will find the poster I Sicilian friends realize Etna, next September 24.
On this occasion, we relaunch the movie last year, even here as an expression of 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE we made the acclaimed action, among others, Daniel Poli (photo), Alessandro Marcelli (kinetic image) and Mario Mariani (music).

All this to say that the political expression can take on new and old forms, which take us back to a vanguard never quite understood and that is the spice to challenge the positions of the power system, to open the mind and arrange differently our souls to social life, for a new commitment season. Engagé-vous!