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October 2015

The Sons of the Phoenix


allow me to express the pleasure in having sharing with you the day of the Liza Lewelyn`s conference on the Phoenician, now a short movie that you can see here through by the connective link above. As I had the possibility to tell you in presence, I`m fully persuaded that the matter is important to get a more modern view on the concept of truth, improved with the awareness that there is always something that is more ancient and came before.
As anthropology and sociology achieved in past century, after all – with full respect for believers – religions have been in the main part an “instrumentum regni“, a tool to administrate the power, and not a path to improve the individual awareness and consciousness, as the spiritual mission should do.
Phoenincians came before Islamic, Catholic and even Jewish.  At last, we may say that the prophet Abraham was a Chaldean – which means a Mesopotamian, as the book of Genesis describe him leaving the city of Ur.  This means that we may consider these ancient cultures as the better connection with the nuclear core of sacred teachings, which were spread all around the world through by the hegemony over the sea of the main ancient civilization, and this is the special role of the Phoenicians.
This suggestion, maybe may appear not so much integrated with present days and actual problems, anyway, it is a narrow door to understand that there are different ways to think, and that entering the spiritual path is an opportunity to leave the confusion of the world and get inside into a dimension of consciousness that is so precious to have an healthier rapport with the intimate yourself and a better connection with others.
This is the reason why Fondazione M is engaged in generate conditions to debate and enhance individual awareness and collective and the social, transpersonal connective intelligence.  You may find us at the web address linked above, and contact us at this email address .  
Help us in spreading awareness in the whole world!
David C. Crimi


Fondazione M


SECOND INSIGHT (photo: Daniele Poli)


[Mystes | Definition of mystes by Merriam-Webster dictionary:

plural mys·tae-ˌstē or mys·tai-ˌstī. Definition of MYSTES.: an initiate in a mystery (as in the Eleusinian mysteries)]

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