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القرآن ثيليما

product_thumbnailQur’an Thelema is a thelemic interpretation of the Holy Koran, a fundamental chapter to reciprocal understanding between Eastern and Western spiritualism. Here the vision is Hanif. The book was more sent than wrote. This happened working on some studies which represents the very beginning of the Enlightenment philosophy, whose origins are deeply rooted in occult knowledge before to become “Lights”.  Among them, how to forget the 18 keys of John Dee’s Enochian system?  And how not to find the continuity with the 14 keys that appears in some Qur’an Suras?  As it is well known, practices in the Western way are entwined with Suphi knowledge. Qur’an Thelema is a poem which is based on these “holy keys” and it was not written, rather than communicated.  The poem is here presented in  the “Jasmine” critical edition, with introduction and commentary about the esoteric approach to the Holy Qur’an into…

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