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Looking at beat literature through the prism of its utopian objective: to be a medium for
reciprocal understanding, for the improving of collective awareness, introducing in popular feelings the possibility to change the world, transforming its social rules by using new technologies as instruments for emancipation. The essay shows its interdependance with former studies produced by the same Author for EBSN, shaped in this non-academic perspective.

To celebrate this third EBSN international conference in Tangiers, the current frame goes to identify some special and subterranean knots between Western culture and Islamic world. To make clear these knots, the essay identifies the special link underlying the Western avant-gardes and the medieval alchemy and troubadoric languages with Arabian sources. Performing this task, the Author indicates important references into the essay and he offers also his personal experience with Islamic world through the poem “Qur’an Thelema” Arabian.pdf, whose theme is how to find a mystical vision making substitution of drugs with natural tools, believing that…

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