Scrivi qui i tuoi pensieri… (opzionale)

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Beat comes from the basic time unit of a piece of music. Beat is also the beat of the heart. Beat is the rhythm of life. Being all this, it is impossible try to establish a perfect etymology of this word. It would be something similar trying to close life itself in a room: impossible, useless and definitely wrong.
There are lot of discussion if Beat music has or not to do with the Beat Generation literary movement of the 1950s. Anyway, this doesn’t matter so much. If we feel the pulsing of real life, we may understand what we need to mean with “beat”.
Feel pulsing of real life means to feel free from common and formal rules and try to drink from the pure sources of life. It is not a matter of common knowledge, but something that begins with intuitive understanding. It is beyond common rules, it…

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