The Jasmine Revolution needs to be supported and understood. Western thought have to meet the Eastern.  Sufism is a special key. La Révolution des Jasmines doit être soutenue et comprise. La pensée de l’Occident doit répondre à celui de l’Est. Le Soufisme est une clé trés spéciale.

With “The M Foundation”, we are engaged in the attempt to spread a new paradigm of a open society, with special emphasis on hybridate cultures.  Qaraimi, Donme, Shabbatai Tzevi, Jakob Frank and the inheritors of this tradition by mixing with the Rosicrucian sources are important statements of this opportunity.  And also the connection between Hebrew and Arab source are not so strange in the land were I live (and where The M Foundation got its physical settlement), Sicily.

Doing this work, we “received” a text called Qur’an Thelema, we sincerely think needs to be shared and understood and, with all humility and with all the blessing, I would like to show you through the link clicking on the image above.

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The true spiritual leader is Rumi

This article (Melody Moezzi,, Friday 10 June 2011) , states that “Many Iranians are turning away from the regime’s brand of Islam, but they trust the moral authority of the Sufi poet”.  This is the kind of news which improve the feeling of the need of a new way to communicate between East and West, through hybridate cultures.